About me

Navigating through life during difficult times is scary, saddening, exhausting, tough and even unfair at times. At some point, we all will encounter difficult experiences or life changes that can create a lot of painful thoughts and emotions. Coming to a new country, language, culture, mentality and leaving the comfort of a secure and familiar environment as well as your loved ones behind could also awaken and intensify pre-existing thoughts and emotions. You may feel isolated and misunderstood as a result.

My name is Dr.Sharon Galor and I am an expat myself-I get it.



I understand your unique circumstances, struggles and dreams. I have experienced what it means to come and start a new life in a foreign country. I went through the same process as you did. I have therefore a deeper insight and understanding of how other expats feel and the psychological toll that it may have on an expat. I can undoubtedly relate and understand you better than another local psychologist, who has not been through that experience. I would like to hear your story and help you.

Even though you might speak Dutch, it is indisputable that you can express your emotions and thoughts much more eloquently in your native language or in English which you master. You need not fear about possible miscommunication any longer. I speak English, Hebrew and Dutch. I also know from experience that expats feel more comfortable talking and being in the company of other expats thus; given a choice an expat is more likely to prefer an expat psychologist.

I am offering you that option.

Together we could take the journey from breakdown and stagnation to a breakthrough, healing, overcoming struggles and achieving greater happiness, balance and well-being in your life.

Please don’t wait one more day-Email me dr.galor@delichtegolfpsy.nl

I am very passionate about helping people.

Helping people is my passion. I authentically, openly and compassionately participate in your therapy. I am an active, empathetic and supportive companion and guide in your journey. I believe that healing the pain can start when clients feel that they are being heard, seen and understood.

I recognize the uniqueness of each individual.

I take the time to listen to all your concerns and to understand your unique background, culture, current situation, problems and needs. It is important to me understand you as an individual, which also implies your character, the way you think and what is important to you. We will formulate together a therapy plan, which matches your personal circumstances, need, goals and wishes. The therapy plan is thus tailored to you individually.

I am goal-oriented.

I implement personal attention and focus in each client. I will also match my approach and services to you. I keep your goals and desirable results in mind at all time. My goal is to efficiently and successfully work together with you to attain relief, overcome difficulties, restore balance and achieve all that you desire.

I aspire to provide a short-term, no-nonsense and accessible therapy.

I provide a short term, direct and result focused therapy. I invest 100% in the effort to achieve the best possible results for my clients. Accessibility is important to me as it provides you, the client, the comfort and security of knowing that you can reach me by mail or call whenever you need me.

The benefits of therapy with me are:

Developing practical and constructive strategies/skills to overcome and cope with problems and difficulties in present and future ;overcoming your emotional pain and increasing the quality of your life; understanding the nature of your difficulties; attaining a better understanding and acceptance of yourself; the strengthening of capacities, personal strengths and virtues; building up resilience; finding new perspectives and regaining more balance and control over your life, which will enable you to reach your goals, achieve personal growth and live the life which you desire.

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