My Book

Be Assertive! Be your authentic self!

How many times have you told yourself quit being such a PUSHOVER and stand up for what you really think and believe? Why don’t you just speak up already?

Are you fed up with pleasing others or settling for what you get instead of going for what you really want and need?

Can you imagine how freeing and amazing it would be to get your power back and daring to be who you genuinely are?

Are you looking for a straightforward and easy way to improve your self-esteem, reduce your self-criticism, feel better about yourself and have a healthier and happier life?

If it sounds familiar then I urge you to keep reading.

You are about to discover Be Assertive! Be your authentic self!

This is not another book that gives you a plaster to put on the problem. This is a clear-cut cognitive behavioral therapy workbook that will help you become a more empowered and assertive individual, as well as, strengthen your self-esteem. It confronts the issue head on, asks you hard questions and reveals the true core source of your unassertiveness. By identifying and understanding the key psychological barriers that prevent you from acting assertively, challenging them directly and applying the newly learned strategies, you will be able to achieve permanent solutions. It will take allot of motivation, energy, courage and hard work to create a change in your life but it is Indisputably worth it.

Benefits from reading Be Assertive! Be your authentic self!-

1. Developing practical and constructive strategies/skills that will improve your communication style, recapture a sense of control over your life and help you cope better with difficult situations in the present and the future

2. Being able to communicate and express your own authentic unique self

3. The dismantling of your inner bully and self-defeating behaviours will help you achieve your potential and a happier and more fulfilled life

4. Learning to challenge your daily thoughts will change and improve your emotions, behaviours, physical and psychological well- being and add balance to your life

5. The strengthening and the enhancement of your awareness to your capacities and personal strengths, as well as, changing the way you think about yourself and others will enable you to achieve personal growth

6. Attaining a better understanding and acceptance of yourself

7. Bonus: introducing self-compassion to your life



This is your chance to live the life you truly desire and deserve. Go for it! Buy your copy now from Amazon!




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